How to Bend and Shape Inconel 601 Plate for Custom Projects

Inconel 601 is a popular material for custom projects because of its excellent high-temperature properties, strength, and corrosion resistance. However, working with this material can be challenging due to its high hardness and nickel content. This blog post will cover the steps to bend and shape Inconel 601 plate for your custom projects.

Step 1: Select the Right Tools and Equipment

Using the right tools and equipment to bend and shape Inconel 601 plates for custom projects is important. Start by selecting a press brake that can handle the plate size – this should be determined by the tonnage rating of the machine as well as its capacity. Then, select high-quality tooling, such as V dies, which will help create clean bends with minimal distortion or warping. Finally, utilize sacrificial material when needed; you may need to place a backstop behind each bend to prevent oil traces on your finished product. Following these guidelines will ensure your bending results are accurate and optimized for your project.

Step 2: Prepare the Plate

The plate must be properly prepared before you can bend and shape your Inconel 601 plate for custom projects. This includes cleaning the surface of any debris or contaminants, ensuring that all sharp edges are filed away and countersinking any holes. Additionally, if you plan to cut the plate with a saw blade, lubricate it with oil before cutting to protect against heat-induced wear on the material and tooling. Finally, use a centring tool or straight edge to provide alignment before bending so that your results are accurate and precise. With proper preparation, you will be well on your way towards achieving outstanding results!

Step 3: Determine the Bend Angle

Determining the bend angle is important in a custom project involving Inconel 601 plate. When bending alloy 601 plates, it is necessary to consider the material’s thickness and its strength characteristics. The ideal angle for bending Inconel 601 should be smaller than mild steel due to its high resistance to deformation. A major factor influencing how much you can bend a given material without causing permanent deformation or cracking will depend on the dimensions and configuration of your specific project. For optimal results, use angles close to 90° when performing bends with Inconel 601 plates since these are most likely to result in successful mechanical properties.

Step 4: Adjust and Position the Brake

Step 4 of bending and shaping the Inconel 601 plate for custom projects requires adjusting and positioning the brake. With a vice or two-arm metal bender, adjust the form to fit the material. You’ll need to use spacers to support any inner bends, as this will prevent distortion or tears in the metal. Once your form is in place, it’s time to position the brake itself. Make sure you have both arms independently adjustable so that each arm fits snugly against either side of your material, ensuring a consistent result every time. If you’re using a hydraulic press brake, ensure your ram is set at an appropriate gap for your intended Inconel 601 plate material thickness. These steps should help ensure successful results when bending and shaping Inconel 601 plates for custom projects!

Step 5: Bend the Plate

Finally, it’s time to bend the Inconel 601 plate. Slowly lower the upper die until it contacts the plate, then raise it again. Repeat this process until the desired bend angle is achieved. It’s important to note that Inconel 601 plates are prone to cracking if overworked or bent too quickly. It’s better to bend the plate gradually with multiple passes than to force it all simultaneously.


Inconel 601 is a challenging material, particularly in bending and shaping. It requires specialized tools, equipment, and expertise. With the right knowledge and tools, you can bend and shape Inconel 601 plates to create custom projects that meet your specifications. Remember to take your time, keep the plate clean, preheat before bending, and be patient. With these tips, you can achieve excellent results with this high-performance material.