Sangeeta metal- company profile

The company begins in the year 1972. It functions under the guidance of Shri M Shah who has the great experience in the market requirement field. The Sangeeta metals focus on high-performance products for harsh environments. We provide world class customer support, guidance and support on choosing the best product for their exigent applications. Moreover, we offer only the highest performance engineering materials, inventory has the following products.

• Nickel alloy products
• Inconel products
• Monel products
• Incoloy products
• Hastelloy products
• Alloy 20 products
• Titanium products
• Copper-nickel products
• Duplex steel products
• Other products

The Sangeeta metals are functioned by the group of experts in material science and engineering. They are experts in obtaining high-performance machine equipment. Typically, they are always working to solve the queries for the customers who are seeking advanced features in corrosion resistance, lightness of weight, temperature stability, high strength, and high purity. The firm is exclusively engaged in manufacturing a wide range of piping equipment as per ASTM/ ASME/ DIN specifications and set industrial norms. Our motto has expertise in manufacturing of industrial tools.

Each and every manufactured product passes through the hand of experienced staff before dispatch. With advanced research and development section, we offer new designs and products to meet the expectations of esteemed customers. Additionally, offer to customize the product for diversified industrial applications all over the world. We always welcome new customers to grow our family, also shares relative information to customers to choose the right product.