What is Stainless Steel 310 Sheet?

The Stainless Steel 310 Sheets are excellent at resisting oxidation and can resist heat due to its austenitic quality. This alloy contains 20% nickel and 25% chromium, making it highly corrosion resistant. In carburization conditions, SS 310 grade sheets are commonly used. The high-temperature output of SS 310 sheets / plates is supported by solid carbide formers such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and chromium in distinguished combinations.

The 310 SS sheets are available in hot-rolled and cold-formed surfaces. In coated boards, checkered plates, plain sheets, perforated sheets, and shim sheets, these 310 grade sheets can also be made available. For a lot of applications, the low carbon content in 310S Grade sheets and plates opens the eyes. Their uses include use of petroleum refining tube hangers and steam boilers. In the making of coal gasifier internal parts, the SS 310S plates are also used. ASTM A213 SS 310S sheets and plates are also used to render food processing equipment.

Stainless steel 310 sheets is a heat-resistant austenitic alloy with very good oxidation resistance to 2000 degree F at moderately cyclic conditions. Its high content of chromium and nickel offers comparable resistance to corrosion, superior oxidation resistance and retention of a greater fraction of room temperature strength than common austenitic alloys such as Type 304. At cryogenic temperatures, Stainless steel 310 sheets are also used having excellent durability to -450 degree F and low magnetic permeability.

Grade SS 310S sheets and plates are also used by the pulp and paper industries. Pharmaceutical devices, specialty chemicals, gas manufacturing, and petrochemicals are also used in addition to all these boards. With regard to the needs of the customers, all orders are delivered. Stainless Steel 310 uses include the making of petroleum refining tube hangers, fluidized bed combustors, thermos wells, and covers for annealing.

The main characteristics of these sheets are resistance to oxidation at 2000 degree F, moderate strength at high temperature, resistance to hot corrosion, good toughness and strength at cryogenic temperatures. The high corrosion resistance and high heat resistance assist in making the Kilns and Heat exchangers with the 310 grade SS plates. They are also used in the manufacture of machinery for food processing. The SS 310 Sheets can be used in continuous service up to 1150 degrees C and in sporadic service up to 1035 degrees C.

Stainless Steel 310 Coils’ high chromium and nickel content offers comparable corrosion resistance, superior oxidation resistance and retention of a greater fraction of room temperature strength than the traditional austenitic alloys such as Type 304. Due to its strong mechanical properties, Stainless Steel 310 Sheets are used extensively for high-temperature operation. It can also be applied at moderate temperatures to most diluted organic acids.