Common Uses of Stainless Steel 310 Sheets

Stainless steel 310 sheets are austenitic sheets that are made from a heat-resistant alloy with outstanding oxidation tolerance up to 2000 ° F under moderately cyclic conditions. With excellent toughness to -450 ° F and low magnetic permeability, Stainless 310 sheets are often used at cryogenic temperatures. These sheets contain 25 per cent chromium and 20 per cent nickel, making them highly oxidation- and corrosion-resistant. Stainless Steel 310S sheets are a lower form of fuel, less susceptible to in-service embrittlement and sensitization. The strong amount of chromium and medium nickel makes these steels capable of minimizing atmospheres of sulphur producing H2S for applications. As used in petrochemical environments, they are typically used in extremely carburising atmospheres. Fabrication of Stainless Steel 310 sheets are forged between 975-1175 ° C. Heavy work is done up to 1050 ° C, and a light finish is applied at the bottom of the range.

Stainless Steel 310 sheets are readily produced utilizing regular trade procedures. Stainless steels are tougher compared to carbon steel and tend to harden rapidly. Type 310/310S is weldable with all the common welding methods. Machinability of Stainless Steel 310 sheets is similar to that of the 304 in machinability. Work hardening can be a concern and with sharp tools and proper lubrication, it is common to scrape the Work hardened coating using slow speeds and rough cuts.

Certain heat resistant alloys should be chosen for more extreme carburising atmospheres. Grade 310 is not approved for repeated quenching of liquids because it suffers from thermal shock. Because of its durability and weak magnetic permeability, the grade is often used in cryogenic applications.

Applications of Stainless Steel 310 Sheets.

Typical applications od SS 310 Plates are found in combustion panels, kilns, radiant tubes, petroleum refining tank hangers and steam boilers. The Stainless Steel 310 Sheets are also used in the production of Heat Exchangers and annealing covers.

The Stainless Steel 310 Coils are also used for the manufacturing of Tube hangers for petroleum refining and steam boilers. Manufacturing of various Furnace parts, conveyor belts, rollers, oven linings, fans are also done from the SS 310 Sheets.

The Stainless Steel 310 is a Food grade stainless, hence they are generally used for the manufacturing of various food processing equipment. They are also used in industries such as Pharmaceutical Equipment, Chemical Equipment and Seawater Equipment. Some of the other applications of the Stainless Steel 310 Sheets include manufacturing of coal gasifier internal components, lead pots, thermos-wells, refractory anchor bolts, burners and combustion chambers.