How to Bend and Shape Inconel 601 Sheet for Custom Projects

Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium alloy highly resistant to oxidation at high temperatures. This material is often used in industrial applications due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, corrosion, and wear and tear. But, bending and shaping Inconel 601 sheet can be challenging, especially for those new to working with this specific metal. If you’re looking for tips on how to bend and shape Inconel 601 sheets for your custom projects, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to bend and shape Inconel 601 sheet successfully.

Choose the Right Equipment

Bending and shaping Inconel 601 sheet requires the use of specialized tools. It should start with carefully selecting the right equipment for your project. It would be best to look for an industrial brake press designed to handle heavy materials like Inconel because it will give you the most accurate bend results. Since this material is sensitive to heat, make sure that any cutting tool used is capable of operating at a low temperature to prevent warping or cracking. During setup, adhere to safety precautions by wearing hearing protection and ensuring that all moving parts are securely locked before starting cutting or bending operations. Following these guidelines will ensure successful results when customizing your projects with Inconel 601 sheet material!

Use the Right Technique

Inconel 601 sheet is a highly nickel-chromium alloy with excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance. Using the right technique when bending or shaping this material is important, as it can be very brittle and difficult to work with if done incorrectly. The best approach is to use an induction heating method – this uses high-frequency alternating current and magnetic forces to heat specific areas of the metal, allowing it to be formed without breaking or suffering damage from extreme temperature changes. This process also creates uniform bends that are nearly perfect in shape, making it ideal for intricate projects. Once heated, you can form using techniques such as hammering, rolling, swaging or folding along your desired shape lines.

Consider the Spring Back Effect

Bending and shaping Inconel 601 sheet for custom projects requires a knowledge of the material’s spring back effect. When bending this alloy, it will return to its original shape after removing the load. To account for this, the bend should be made with an angle greater than desired to offset the spring back. Since Inconel 601 is heat resistant, temperatures up to 1,892°F can be used to make your desired shape, as long as no other parts, such as welds or fasteners, are present in your project design that may be damaged by excessive heat. Additionally, tools like presses can help create tight bends. Properly designed tools will help keep bends regular and even throughout the entire sheet.

Take Safety Precautions

Inconel 601 is a high-tech metal that can be moulded to create custom-project parts. It’s important to take safety precautions when bending and shaping Inconel 601 sheet, as the material can break if not handled correctly. The best way to bend and shape Inconel 601 sheet is with a hydraulic press brake or folding machine. This equipment will allow you to carefully control the bends’ pressure, temperature, and speed and folds and ensure precision accuracy while forming custom shapes. Make sure all tools are sharpened properly before usage – dull tools can make loud noises which may compromise your safety during operation due to kickback from the tooling. Additionally, wear protective gear such as gloves or eyewear when operating this machinery!

Post-Bend Operations

After successful bending, you must perform post-bend operations carefully to avoid cracking or any other damage to the end product. It would be best to avoid extra stress on the bend, as the material can be prone to stress cracks. Edge damage and sharp corners should be avoided during post-form operations, and you should deburr and clean the edge with the recommended procedure.


Inconel 601 sheet is a highly-resistant material requiring specific bending and shaping techniques. These tips will help you achieve a perfect bend every time without damaging the end product. Choose the right equipment, use the right technique, consider the spring-back effect, take safety precautions, and perform post-form operations carefully. These tips will help you easily bend and shape Inconel 601 sheets and produce high-quality custom projects that meet industry standards.